Allie Kenvin

Close To You

‘Close To You’ is a dissection into the fragility of selfhood in youth culture, further explored through alternative printing practices. The piece consists of photographs printed on fabric and stitched together into a quilt. The delicacy of hand stitched diptyques and loosely connected prints mirror the fragility of selfhood. Through photographing the femme-presenting individuals in my life, I am able to capture tangible and sensory experiences that depict the universality of the fleeting moments. Assembling them in a form that takes on sentimentality and safety, the quilt acts as an encapsulation of inherent comfort of femininity. Contrasting elements of candid vulnerability and unprovoked performance are explored through gaze and performance between the subject and the camera. Multidimensional and meant to serve the subject, this project was created to raise questions about the ways in which we find our own identity through others around us.