Jordan Fiordaliso

Jordan Fiordaliso is an NYC based photographer. She works with an eye for graphic lines and high-contrast imagery, and often uses a combination of various printing and scanning techniques along with handwritten text and paint.

Pathologies of The Perfect

Pathologies of The Perfect is a photo book of self-portraits that focus on the formal qualities of my identity: its shape, texture, shadow, and composition. The act of self-portraiture has allowed me to escape the inner critiques that have come from years of struggling with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. My body has become a means for artistic expression, an object of intentionality, an abstracted figure, light within voids, geometric shapes, objects, and shadows across frames, fluid movements within white, and an untethered thing that can exist as anything it pleases. I look to my form as a “tool” to paint with and embrace its malleability.