Julia Clark

Inspired by light as a subject, Julia Clark is habituated to see the world as a labyrinth of light. Using Medium Format, Large Format, 35mm and iPhone’s to capture her impulsive yet instinctive images. Julia uses photolithography as a print making process to present her work, adding upon her abstract compositions. Her series Light Subjects was nominated for the Fine Art Photography Awards 2022.

Light Subjects

Light Subjects is the visual manifestation of the relationship between light and space. It is the moment that occurs when light touches a physical object and the ‘object’ that the light itself creates. The light becomes a body of its own when it interacts with the environment, and that light is the hero of my images. Light creates abstraction, reflection, depth, shadow and, when the camera is obscured, it projects confusion. Julia’s light subjects turn the mundane into the sublime, sometimes capturing self-portraits intertwined with abstraction, ambiguity and vibrance.