Katrina Zoya Caley

I, The Madonna Whore

I am highly influenced by the art of the ‘60s: my video and performance art is experimental and simply stylized, yet the meanings are amplified by repetition. By examining conditioned societal norms, I encourage my viewers to acknowledge characteristics of the society that they’re living in so that they can garner autonomy over their lives.
In a male-dominated society, women are encouraged to be one of two feminine ideals that have been thought of as being mutually-exclusive: either virtuous and maternal or provocative and tempting. My current project–I, The Madonna Whore–is a dual-channel performance video piece that represents these two opposing ideals and how they exist simultaneously within me.
I, The Madonna Whore explores how these two ideals are not separate, rather they both reside within me. By identifying the multidimensionality of femininity, we are able to break the barriers of what a woman has the potential to be and do.