Kaycie Lyn Matsukado

My images of home are more than landscape photographs, they encapsulate my entirety. My family, experience of culture, and the landscape feature in my photographic images and object-making. I want to create a space that bridges and illustrates how the geographic and the personal intertwine. As pua, flowers, dance on the branches of trees while tradewinds rustle leaves, I capture the life and breath of my home. Referencing the landscape, I incorporate motifs of flora that are allusions for myself and my community. I have fostered a deep love for my home, and as a result, I’m moved to make the people and places I call home visible in a way that is not predicated on the sexualization of land and body for profit, but in a way that cherishes and celebrates. My work is an opportunity to contemplate identity— how an individual can be made out of many.