Kristina Kiseleva

Weaving Reflections/Reflections Weaving

Kristina Kiseleva is a Russian/Tatar creative living in New York City. Her primary mediums are photography, writing and music.
During the pandemic, through the need to psychologically and biologically understand herself and her upbringing, Kristina sought to deepen her language of love through various forms of reliving such as going through her archives of photographs and diaries to recontextualize those experiences straightforwardly, and through the eyes of her own observer.
In her zine, “Weaving Reflections/Reflections Weaving” Kristina sequences photographic archives and textual tracing of her acknowledgement of the journey as a woman in today’s world, wherein her words flow to serve as a point of reflection, and affirmation to herself and the reader. The need to connect the threads of her past with the present is the way she finds herself connecting returning to prayer, her inner worlds and the world at present in a lighter form.