Natalie Tonie Nguyen

Us and Them

I remember growing up, seeing things, consuming media, and feeling like no one looked like me.
Us and Them” is a compilation of individuals photographed in their home, honoring, and conversing with those that have had experiences of otherness. I chose to present my subjects how they wanted to be seen, by allowing them to wear anything, using natural lighting in their space, and letting them direct where they’re comfortable taking me with the camera. The images are paired with direct quotes from the subjects, completely unedited so that they can be heard in their rawest form- becoming collaborators. What does otherness feel like? For me, it feels like a pit in my stomach. The micro-aggressions, discrimination, the need to protect my immigrant mother. The subjects welcome me into their space, we converse for hours, and engage in a multidirectional healing process. Together we are creating the work we needed when we were younger.