Taylor Small

Mrs. Mirage

Within my practice, I explore how to mend the past and present into one. Much of my work is influenced by my personal fascination with life lived in the Mid-20th Century, and ways I find a nostalgia for a time that I did not experience. With focuses on themes of identity, memory and the female experience during certain time periods, Mrs. Mirage presents a series using found imagery and portraiture as a form of communicating with the past. Incorporating my photographs within mediums such as collage, I am able to create a new space that resembles the ways in which I experience past eras. Other materials include found photographs, and what kind of conversation can be had through my interactions with them. There’s always history in a photograph or an object of the past, but also a visual void that I feel, as there is an avoidable incompleteness to lost images. My work is a visual to my experience with escapism, as it allows me to choose how I want to fill these gaps.