Aijah Raye

“Thyself” is a documentary series of portraits and interviews that examines the maturation and physical/mental transformation that young adults between ages of 19 and 25 must all inevitably face. The project is a search for those alike; it’s a yearning and a curiosity for some form of shared connection and lived experience. By opening the space for conversations on life altering emotions and decisions, I have discovered connections: people facing the reality of growing up, confronting change, the idea of adulthood, and generational patterns. To make this work, I, the photographer, take a moment to understand and embrace my subjects. In the process of creating, “Thyself” leads with a recorded conversation, which informs and provides a perspective to a subsequent portrait. This project aims to celebrate the individual we were, and the person we’re becoming.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Aijah Raye works in photography, filmmaking, and conceptual projects, all rooted in representing the truth of her subjects. She is interested in examining the cultural forces and energies that have influenced the stories she wants to tell.