Angelo Capacyachi

“Untitled (Utopia)” is a photographic series envisioning a queer utopia. In various still lifes and portraits, the images reveal queer signifiers of affirmation. The work draws upon intellectual frameworks from theorists such as José Esteban Muñoz, including themes of queer futurity, world-building, and temporalities. With images of embrace, traces of human contact, and post-vaccine self-portraits, “Untitled (Utopia)” is an expression of queerness that is limitless and expansive. While also understanding the need for a futuristic viewpoint that counteracts various systems of anti-queerness and repressive conditions of the present. The work interrogates why utopias must exist and how affirmation is usually at the intersection of resistance and pain.

Angelo Capacyachi is an image maker based in New York City. His work focuses on portraiture and still life that operate as a constant exploration of queer affirmation.