Bruno Sorrentino Jansen

“Merry-Went-Round” is a photo-sculpture conceived as an experience of traversing around the work. It’s a crossing of life and death, a crossroad between black and white  to every color’s secret. But for this path to open, it requires you, the curious viewer. It is your motion and glance, your inquisitiveness around this surface, that can give it life and meaning, setting its engines to spin again through one’s pupils.The photographs in this piece were taken at the carousel in Battery Park using a dual-Holga, allowing me to photograph the same scene using color and black-and-white. The work presented here, however, isn’t the original work. The form differs drastically from the original because of insensitive size restrictions imposed by the photography department as “non-negotiable.” This restriction sadly alters the viewer’s interaction with the piece and my original intention. But as the only thing non-negotiable is art, you can still enjoy the ride!

Bruno Jansen (b. 2000) is an American-Brazilian artist. His work includes darkroom experimentations, project-based photo series, films, performances, and photo sculptures , all in an attempt to elevate the medium of photography and see how far the medium can be pushed with and without the use of a camera.