Elvira Horvei

“Pictoris” consists of non-figurative analog photographs depicting self-made sculptures made solely of plastic bottles. Through reassembling, reshaping, and reapplying this recognizable object, I am redefining my relationship with the garbage we are leaving behind and making a new world with pieces from the one that we broke. By using in-camera techniques and unconventional developing processes, the photograph is separated from its physical twin – challenging the assumption that photography is bound to the material world because it inherently replicates reality. The reconstruction of the figurative resets visual and conceptual points of reference. It has not been decided for you what it means to you and this allows for the making of a new narrative: Pictoris is a world inhabited by unidentified entities; whether they were dug up from the dirt, found floating in space, bought at a supermarket or simply appeared one day is unknown.

Elvira Horvei is a Norwegian multidisciplinary artist who uses self-made sculptures to reconstruct new perceptual realities within the frames of analog photography. Using shapes and forms, she aims to arrange a visual experience that can shift habitual patterns of recognition.