Haoxiang (Chris) Ying

“Music and Visualization” is a series of works that I developed based on my experience of studying music since childhood. It gives me an opportunity to explore music itself and to search for how musical frequencies are registered from a physical perspective. In this series of works, I separated songs into three different tracks — treble, alto, and bass — then I used different materials as the medium, recording their movements when music was played from a nearby speaker. The images are based on the materials’ interaction with frequency from the music. In the end, I combined those images from the different tracks together and visualized the music in a special way.

HaoXiang (Chris) Ying was born in Guangzhou, China. He stepped into the photography world when he was 17. He likes to immerse himself in his own spirit, the city, and nature. His photographs explore themes such as music, color, emotion, and social issues.