Hedda Jos Olsson

Till slutet av Juli (Until the end of July) is a body of work that has revealed itself over time, through years of photographing my surroundings. As the questioning of my existence lingers over me, I place myself in psychological therapy for the first time. Doing so has altered my perception of self, forcing me to trace back and make peace with my past. The act of looking back has led me to see my work as a whole, making connections between memories that these photographs allow me to remember. My work captures the intimacy within the unpredictable, dysfunctional, yet deeply loving dynamics that exist within a family. Perhaps putting out my work from all these years is a form of release. For the first time I can see myself as a photographer.

Hedda Jos Olsson (b. 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist who tells stories within the real world, exploring the intimacy of human nature.