Isabel Mae Evans

Nostalgia is nothing that is new to us: rather, it is a perennial human response to change, particularly of a transformational or disruptive kind. It appears to be different things to different people. While it can be a state of mind born from the encounter with objects from the past it can also be a form of coping with change and trauma. Yearning recognizes that the past is irrevocably gone, yet we constantly try to evoke, restore and return to it anyway. In a romance with my fantasies about home, an inherent sense of belonging coexists with loss and displacement. Nostalgia’s purpose becomes to soften the impact of life’s inescapable change, making sense of the impossibility of homecoming.

Isabel Evans (b.2001 in Camberley, England) is a visual artist based in New York City working in the medium of photography. Her work builds a fragmented picture of places that is at once personal and anonymous.