Jonathan Lovett

How do we relate to the natural world? What framework do we have to connect with it? In this body of work I aim to offer ways of reconnecting with nature through a specifically queer lens. Queer people have often had the natural used against them and to justify homophobia. This project explores nature as a space of queerness, a garden of Eden if you will. Through the use of my own body and my partner’s, I am creating images that integrate the queer figure into the landscape, and more importantly, integrate queer love and ways of being into the land. Human beings are natural creatures, and queerness is a part of that. In a moment in time where we are becoming more and more estranged from nature, it is important now, more than ever, to find a means of reconnection.

Jonathan Lovett (he/they) is a photographer raised in Los Angeles and currently resides in New York City. Their work explores the connection between queer individuals and nature through questions of queer ecology by highlighting queer modes of interacting with the natural world.