Larson Rogers

Throughout the past few years I have been on a rather intense healing journey, triggered by my first major experiences of loss. Over this time, through therapy and deep self reflection, I have relentlessly forced myself to come face to face with understanding my behaviors, emotions, relationships, trauma, and how they affect my life. “Fatal Flaw” serves as a vessel for self analysis and seeks to express my deeper thoughts and emotions using a combination of text, imagery, and collage – providing me with the space to meet myself, for the first time, with grace and compassion.

Larson Rogers (b.1999) is a fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer from Tulsa, OK. She will receive a BFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design in Spring 2023. She has been featured in magazines such as Pure Nowhere, Goldhand Girls, and Honey Punch and has done album/promo work for Charlotte Bumgarner and Graveyard Party.