Lisa Wang

When I was eighteen, I became a whore. Driven by desperation, I sold my body to men who sustained me financially in exchange for my sexuality. If I hadn’t taken up that job I would not be here today. For the opportunities my prostitution has afforded me, I am eternally grateful. However, the decision I made to engage in that work did not come without its own price. “BODY COMMODITY” is a series of work born out of a desire to understand what happened to me. For a long time, this story was the biggest secret in my life. My reality was a truth that I had trouble admitting to myself, let alone to anyone else. With this project and its public exhibition, I made the decision to force myself to confront my most difficult truths and to answer the question: when I have nowhere left to hide, what will I find?

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Lisa Wang is a New York City-based image maker exploring themes of non-convention and psychosexuality. With a background in psychology and classical training in the arts, Lisa authors images that are intersectional in their influence and idiosyncratic in their execution.