Stephanie Grace Warren

I observe a building sense of disassociation within the communities around me. My peers, friends, and colleagues, transfixed on ideas of identity; expanding beyond race, gender, class and religion, towards responding to notions of hyper individuality that present a dangerous and false appearance of freedom.

Through art, I seek to have tough conversations. If we could appear as anything we want, which I believe is the future we are choicefully materializing, what do we then do with our physical bodies? My work discusses the lack of value placed on self-knowledge and emphasizes how the divisions we create can act as distraction, limiting our potential and collective voice. In this series I speak specifically through the character of the Creator, and explore the fragmented experience of the female sex, one group that historically, naturally holds powerful strengths to thrive through intuitive knowledge and unity.

Stephanie Grace Warren, is an experimental artist. She also aims and works to help other experimental creators. In both practices, she strives for integral and inventive contributions.