Tyler Meggs

FAME is a performance art piece investigating the duality of celebrity life captured from the perspectives of the psychological and sociological. The project is divided into three components encapsulating the glamorization of fame, the deconstruction of fame, and the element of expressing one’s individuality in terms of claiming their own sense of ‘fame’ from an intrinsic census. This project is a journey from beginning to end, telling the story about a star living life fully entranced by the world of fame; witnessing the rise and fall of a celebrity while encompassing themes of vanity, identity, dehumanization, privilege, and tragedy. Ultimately, the narrative serves as a gateway to express the harsh realities of fame, but an imitation of those who have perished becoming a reminder on the impactful treatment of celebrity.

Tyler Meggs who undergoes the stage name “Lennon” is a New York City-based photographer and performer  whose work is conceptually driven compiling elements within the realms of fashion, the art of transformation, performance, and pop art.