Zixuan (Yuna) Wang

I dream of rain, of people around me leaving me. I was sad, and I comforted myself that essential people go. I woke up, but they were still with me. I’d say it was an alarm. I cherish every day with them more. Melancholic dreams tell us that we want to keep something or someone we don’t want to lose at any time. Through the use of AI combined with post production, in “Am I a Butterfly,” I investigate the surreal nature of reality and fantasy through color photographs. I have always been fascinated with dreams and being in limbo, especially the nature of liminal spaces. With the popularization of AI, it is becoming more and more difficult to detect what is real and what is dream.

Zixuan Wang is from Beijing, China. She currently works and studies in New York. She is telling stories by using her camera to snapshot portraiture and add fashion elements to her photos. Zixuan records words too, bits and pieces of her life in her mother-tongue, Chinese, combining her artwork with poetry, written bilingually.