Haoruo (Cosmo) Wang

Unregulated Discipline blends self-portraiture, data, and AI-generated images to explore a mutual learning process between human beings and machines wherein human beings learn to program AI  to make it mirror human emotions and subjectivity. New challenges and failures constantly emerge. These obstacles reflect the unconscious rules of human interaction.

The work contains three chapters. In the first chapter, “Unregulated Discipline,” an AI character imagines a new world; “Mutual Space, Imagined,” visualizes emotion-stirring sentences through AI-generated images; the third chapter, “Recognition By Challenge,” highlights human-machine conundrums through interactive features and an augmented reality project accessible via QR code.

Haoruo (Cosmo) Wang (b. 2002) is a Chinese photographer and songwriter. Her work utilizes interdisciplinary mediums centered around digital technology and supported by research and data.